Tommy joyce

It all started with skiing.

Every fall, sure as the Colorado aspen leaves turned yellow, a young and impressionable Tommy attended the world premiere of the latest Warren Miller movie with his family at the Boulder Theater. Like so many skiers, he fell in love with those iconic shots, and he vowed that someday, it would be his likeness that graced the silver screen, his turns that would inspire oohs and ahs from the crowd. But alas, like so many skiers, his dreams of going pro were derailed by a series of injuries. Not to mention, he couldn’t focus solely on skiing: that would mean giving up mountain biking, barefoot water-skiing, backpacking, climbing—and that wasn’t going to fly.

Years later, when he thought back to those ski films that captured his imagination as a kid, Tommy had an epiphany: he belonged on the other side of the lens. Forget throwing double backflips into oblivion. He would take up the camera, tell those stories, and make movies all the same.

Shortly after picking up his first camera in college, Tommy convinced an outdoor startup to give him a job, and he spent the subsequent five years mastering media from every angle—learning to use different cameras, coordinating international film trips, creating ad campaigns, and more. After cashing out of the startup, business and pleasure became even more indistinguishable from one another. Tommy focused on building his own production company, studying the art and science of cinematography all the while. Over the past decade, he’s mastered camera gear and editing programs, crashed drones and cracked lenses in an endless pursuit of the perfect shot, the perfect edit, the perfect story.

And that hard work has paid off. He’s worked with the best in the business. He’s told the stories of luxury resorts in Florida, fashion collaborations in New York City, climbers in the remote crags of Iceland.  He’s been on expedition in Antarctica for National Geographic, and piloted drones for Redbull capturing ice climbing along the frigid banks of Lake Superior.

A dedicated athlete, a driven entrepreneur, and a serial optimist, Tommy possesses not only the physical endurance but also the positive mindset needed to create art in extreme environments. He’s one of few cinematographers capable of operating a steadicam alongside professional skiers as they launch off 80-foot kickers. And yet, he constantly strives to refine his cinematic eye, working with unexpected angles and ground-breaking techniques to make the simplest moments—the flutter of a dress, the turn of a page, a snowflake falling onto an outstretched glove—come to life with his lens.

He balances the acumen and skill of a maestro with the unabashed enthusiasm of an ambitious up-and-comer. He always goes the extra mile—or kilometer, depending on the continent. From conception to completion, storyboarding to editing, he gives his clients everything he has—which is quite a lot. Every single day, no matter whether he’s battling sun stroke in the desert at high noon or lugging his camera to the top of a mountain in the dead of night to set up a time lapse, he brings positivity, creativity, and electricity to the set.

He’s not afraid to sacrifice his gear to get the shot. And his bags are usually half-packed, so let’s have a look at the calendar.

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Licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot

Tommy has been flying drones for nearly 5 years, and small single-prop aircraft for nearly a decade. All Triage pilots have completed their Part 107 commercial pilot exam in accordance with the latest FAA regulations, ensuring that all projects have the option for aerial content.



Net promoter® Certified associate

How do you measure, track, and act on the information your customers share with you? Developed by Bain Consulting, NPS is an essential tool Tommy can deploy to link customer loyalty to financial metrics as well as predict growth potential. Wouldn't it be nice to know if the people watching the video were signing up, reaching out, or making a purchase?