Tommy joyce

A Denver based videogragher, licensed pilot, golfer, skier and storyteller at heart with a relentless focus on customer experience, Tommy has 10 years of experience creating media that drives results for brands. Armed with knowledge around each stage of the customer journey, Tommy is uniquely capable of helping your company tell authentic stories that resonate with viewers and embody your brand values.

He loves and enjoys many of the activities he shoots, which helps him create genuine connections. As a cinematographer, he's an artist, endlessly fascinated by the ability to capture the world we all know and turn it around in an enlightening way.

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Licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot

Tommy has been flying drones for nearly 5 years, refining his craft shooting for outdoor, adventure travel, and e-commerce brands. He completed his Part 107 commercial pilot exam in accordance with the latest FAA regulations to ensure all projects have the option for aerial content.



Net promoter® Certified associate

How do you measure, track and act on the information your customers share with you? Developed by Bain Consulting, NPS is an essential tool we can deploy to link customer loyalty to financial metrics and predict growth potential.