We dont just deliver a movie file, we find ways deliver results from every angle. Whether it's a full length film or an Instagram story frame, we understand the landscape, recognize that each publishing tool has a purpose, and create content that serves the larger goal behind your media.  Whether you need to launch a product, tell your brand’s story, or recap your event, we'll take the time to understand your goals and help you achieve them. When we work together, your ROI is our ROI.


Weve honed our craft while working with exceptional outdoor athletes in remote, rugged locations around the world, and were familiar with the importance of patience and execution in high-stakes moments. Whether youve spent 6 hours climbing a powder-covered mountain to ski a line or $600k flying your athletes in from around the world, our team knows what we-only-get-one-shot truly means.

we FLEW REAL PLANES Before drones

These days, anyone can read a few manuals and take a test to get a drone license. Tommys passion for flying, however, extends back into his childhood. Tommys uncle was a navy pilot and continues to fly for commercial airlines, and thanks to that influence, Tommys favorite movie of all time is Top Gun (hes watched it hundreds of times). After college, Tommy invested in 40+ hours of flight training to get his FAA Private Pilots license, and his creative eye naturally transitioned that love of flight into aerial media. He quickly picked up his Part 107 FAA Drone License and insured the business for $1M in coverage, further expanding the brand's ability to work with high end clients.

we're active in art direction

Simply pressing record is not enough. Many content creators will do what you tell them to do, and only that. We pride ourselves on a hands-on approach. We present ideas to you before the shoot, making strategic suggestions and outlining the look and feel of the video with you. Visualizing the story generates our shot-list, which is then tweaked by us in the field to achieve the desired outcome.