From a One-Man Band to a Troupe of Rockstars

Triage began as a one-man band. In the early days, much like an aspiring solo musician on tour, Tommy handled everything—we’re talking storyboarding, shooting, and editing, not to mention behind the scenes logistics like production planning, scheduling, and vendor relationships. But over the past few years, as Triage has gained recognition as a preeminent production company and bigger gigs have come rolling in, that one-man band has grown.

While Tommy occasionally handles jobs solo, he regularly draws upon the talents of the Triage team, an ensemble of handpicked creatives Tommy trusts to optimize production workflow and generate the best content possible. From manning secondary cameras and flying drones to composing original scores and writing scripts to mastering audio and editing video, this ever-expanding band of creatives brings the enthusiasm and expertise needed to bring your vision to the big stage.



Equal parts conductor and frontman, artist and entrepreneur, athlete and tech nerd, Tommy’s a master of media with an insatiable appetite for adventure and an unmatched eye for cinematography. He thrives in high-pressure situations. His first job out of college saw him working at an where he wore a range of hats: selling and executing ad deals in the office, coordinating and producing international film trips to create product gear guides, and operating cameras while chasing professional athletes through the mountains and the surf. Since then, Tommy’s indubitable hustle and top-tier talent has seen him work alongside the best cinematographers in the business (Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann) and the biggest brands (adidas, Redbull, The North Face, and more) in extreme locations around the world (Chile, Iceland, and Antarctica, to name a few). And while his technical camera skills are obvious, it’s Tommy’s serial optimism and infectious intensity that makes him such a joy to work with. These days, Tommy’s barely home, and that’s just the way he likes it: racking up frequent flier miles as he tows his Sony mirrorless cameras and DJI drones from shoot to shoot around the world.


CONNOR SEYBERT // sound engineer

Connor’s worked on projects for the likes of National Geographic and Redbull and learned from the best in the business. He’s experienced working with high-caliber athletes in high-stakes scenarios. Tommy and Connor have put in plenty of long days together in both the field and the editing bay, and their professional relationship is subsequently telepathic—they operate instinctually off of one another when it matters most. In fact, like Tommy, Connor lives by the hashtag #anythingfortheshot. “Whether its working until I drop, or hanging off a cliff or building, nothing is too much to get the shot,” says Connor. When he’s not editing audio or manning the second camera for Triage (he’s partial to the Sony A7r3’s compact build and unparalleled dynamic contrast), Connor’s out photographing wildlife or climbing in the Colorado Rockies.


MATT CHERNE // Composer

Matt’s musical chops aren’t up for debate: he’s produced music for a varied cast of characters, from rapper/actor Will Smith and social media guru Casey Neistat to notorious fighter Conor McGregor, and his original compositions have accumulated over 35 million views on Youtube alone. A passionate, creative, and dynamic force in the studio, Matt’s most at home with his fingers on an Akai professional MPK49 keyboard. If he’s not cooking up a new composition for a Triage project, Matt’s likely out hiking, rain or shine.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 9.05.16 AM.png


An outdoor journalist with a knack for the nomadic, Drew writes regularly for respected publications like Outside Magazine and Backcountry Magazine, while also copywriting for brands like Victorinox Swiss Army. He’s worked extensively with Triage over the years, from writing articles to accompany videos to penning original scripts. When he’s not pounding the keyboard, Drew’s most content pounding the skintrack on his splitboard or the singletrack on his titanium hardtail.


ZANDER BUTeUX // Camera op

A photographer, drone pilot, and cameraman in perpetual pursuit of dramatic perspectives and unexpected angles, Zander is a Triage utility player. He’s assisted Tommy on Redbull shoots, created recap videos for music festivals, and produced international travel content in dreamy locales like Belize. His mirrorless Sony A7rII is loaded with add-on apps for time lapses and double-exposures, and, most importantly, it’s never far from hand. An athlete-cum-cameraman, Zander operates by a simple principle: “Absorb as much nature as fast as possible through skiing, biking, or trail-running, then slow to a stop to make photos.”