As modern life compounds in both convenience and complexity, more and more people are turning to outdoor challenges in order to feel more alive. Grueling "sufferfest" events like Spartan Races are up 500%, Alex Honnold has brought free soloing and big wall climbing to mind boggling levels, athletes on bikes, boards and skis do more and more flips, speed records are broken on a daily basiseverywhere you look, people who are pushing themselves, exploring their limits.

People work HARD for FUN. They actively ENJOY genuine PAIN. Why? Because they know a secret. Complacency will kill them.

Beyond the fringes of familiarity, in the alluring and frightening realm of the unknown, we find out the most about ourselves. I believe that blood and sweat are essential inputs to the alchemical formula for self-reflection and personal growth. A Type II adventure isnt necessarily fun by societys definition, but in todays world, its one of few ways Ive found to develop character and learn more about our true nature. This, I believe, is why so many of us are drawn to push harder, to go further: when we explore outward, we do so inward as well.

I felt compelled to create a video series forged at the adrenal crossroads of these two greatest loves: cinematographic art and impassioned adventure. This video series, these stories, these pursuitsthey resonate with me because they embody my core nature. Each of these videos will, using the story of a fun-loving athlete and through the lens of the Fun Scale, take the world as we know it and flip it aroundso you can view it from a strange yet enlightening angle.